The vehicle is the property of FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L and the vehicle delivered to the Renter in good working order and without apparent defects. The Renter received the vehicle with it's tools, tires and accessories. The Renter agrees to return the vehicle to FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L in the same condition with all the documents, parts, tools and accessories at the location and on the date and time designated in this agreement. If the Renter fails to do so, the Renter will assume full responsibility for extra charges to compensate for the administrative work involved and damage caused to the vehicle.
The Renter agrees not to use the vehicle for paid passenger or goods transportation, to push or tow any vehicle or trailer, to participate in competitions, drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, transportation of goods that violate the law, transport more than the maximum of passengers and goods permitted by it's manufacturer. It is strictly forbidden to drive the vehicle across beaches and unpaved roads. It must not be parked in prohibited zones. Objects can't be transported on the roof rack. The Renter must lock the vehicle when not in use. The Renter is responsible for any damage and loss of the keys and remote control devices. The Renter is not authorized to repair the vehicle without permission. The Renter agrees to use and drive the vehicle in accordance with the driving and traffic rules, and according to the specifications of the vehicle type.
The Renter agrees to return the vehicle with the same fuel level. Otherwise the missing fuel will be charged to the Renter. The Renter must use the correct fuel type.
Only the person or persons accepted and identified by FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L are authorized to drive the vehicle. Renters must be 25 years or older. Renters must have held driving license for a minimum of 1 year.
The Renter shall be liable for immediate payment of the fines caused by any infringement of the low during the rental period. Payment of the fines is not included in any of the coverages. If FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L is required to pay such fines, the Renter agrees that the necessary amount will be charged to their credit card during the rental period or after the vehicle is returned. In the event of accident, the Renter can't move the vehicle from the place until the appropriate authorities have reported what happened. The Renter must also inform FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L of it and not leave the vehicle without having taken the necessary means to avoid any further loss of damage. In case of accident or crime, the Rental Company shall not be obliged to offer the Renter another rental vehicle.
FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by mechanical failure or breakdown of the vehicle, such as delays or possible expenses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of such failure or breakdown. FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L are not liable to the Renter or any passenger for loss or damage to property left in the vehicle.
Written consent is needed for any journeys out of the island where you [Renter] rented the vehicle. The Renter is not authorized to sub-rent the vehicle.
Deposit will depend on the vehicle that you have chosen for your rental. The deposit will be unblocked or returned at the end of your rental if no damages have been registered on the vehicle.
FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L granting a grace period of 60 min from the date and time of the vehicle check-in stated in the agreement. All reservations made for out-of-office hours will incur additional fee.
All prices are subject to the applicable tax.
The rates include a Compulsory Insurance for the vehicle and Supplementary Civil Liability Insurance which covers damage to third parties caused as a result of using the vehicle. Insurance excludes: damage to tires, tire rims, vehicle's interior, rear view mirrors, glass, damage to the clutch, battery recharge, tow-truck costs.
The Renter can purchase additional coverage for windows and road assistance.
All Renters and/or authorized drivers shall be jointly and severally responsible for all the Renter's obligations arising from this agreement.
FAÑABE PLAZA AUTORENTING S.L reserves the right to check the state of the vehicle and even to cancel the agreement at any time.

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